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Inside-Out Braids


Having a hairstyle with inside-out braids can look very unique compared to the usual braided style. There are number of variations on the classic three-strand braid and this hairstyle will look very similar to a French braid, but the braid will rise up from your scalp. This style can look elegant on its own or it can also form an excellent base for other elaborate hairstyles such as braided buns and a crown. Here is a simple method that can be followed to achieve this hairstyle very easily.

To begin the styling, first divide one lock of hair from the rest of your hair in the place where you are planning to start the braid. Separate the lock into three sections and start crossing the right-hand section under middle strand. Then cross the left-hand section under middle strand. Try to include a section of hair from right-hand side of your head to the section which is on the right and cross the right-hand strand under middle strand. Include another section of hair from the left-hand side of your head to the section on your left and then cross left-hand strand under the middle strand. Continue to add more hair from both side of your head in the strands by crossing the right and left-hand strands under middle strand until you reach the base of the scalp. At last secure the end of your braid with hair band to end the styling process.

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