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Polished Updo


A polished updo is the most elegant and formal ways of styling the hair for any special occasions like a wedding. This style has a benefit of being more manageable as well as not too bulky. If you spend a little more time in creating this hairstyle, there is a chance of making it perfect for any event. There are many celebrities who wear this updo to look beautiful. This style can be created at home without any help or if you have trouble in spending lot of time in creating it get help from a hairstylist.

To achieve this hairstyle at home on your own, first you need to collect the entire hair and create a low ponytail. Then use a thin elastic holder which matches your hair to secure it. Next take the middle of the ponytail and start twisting until it you wrap it around itself. Send it around the elastic till you get to the end of the ponytail. Now tuck the ends of the hair and pin it in place. Make sure to hide the pins in the middle of the chignon and your head. You may also loosen the hair at the crown of your head if you want to add more volume. At last mist all over the hair with a shining hairspray and then smooth down any loose hairs. You can also add a flower or any hair accessory to make the hairstyle look more attractive.

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