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Beehive style: Remembering Amy Winehouse.


Amy Winehouse made the beehives of 1960’s famous in fashion. And so do the models adorn here in honour of Amy Winehouse. Beehive is a hairstyle in which lot of teasing and backcombing is done to increase volume and substance to make height. The hair texture usually needed to make this hairdo is unruly and frizzy although many a time, regular and suave hair has been used to get the perfect flawless beehives. Usually a side partition and fringe is added to make the style look more retro. In this a high poof is needed accompanied with side swept bangs and a high updo.

To get this hairstyle, you need a proper wash. Do not use anti frizz or hair smoothening serums as we need hair that are messy, unruly and frizzy. Blow dry. With a rat tail comb part the front section to give a small side partition. Now, make multiple small sections of the whole mane and start backcombing each section. This may take time but you have to be patient. You can use teasing spray too. You need to backcomb a lot. Do not tease the topmost layer much as it needs to be little smooth. Now take a thick curling rod and curl the ends of the sections of whole hair. Curl the front side swept hair too, upwards and outwards. When done, keeping the side section aside, take the whole mane and raise it so that it becomes a big poof on the top of your head. Fix it with lots of bobby pins. Take the ends of the poof and fold them so that they make a French updo with ends hanging on the top. Spread the ends on the top of the poof. Pull out a few flicks of hair down from the side. At the end, hairspray to keep hair at place. Your retro beehive is done!!

Wassup new: Beehives give a lot of volume to the hair so your face comparatively appears thinner. It gives an image of thicker and heavy hair and shows your attitude as well.

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