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Hairstyle With Box Braids


Box Braids are known to be a popular hairstyle as it gives the flexibility of wearing braids. It can be styled in different ways as individual braids are not braided to the scalp. This hairstyle also offers lot of movement as it is not attached to the scalp and it can alsoΒ  last longer when compared to the cornrows or other braided styles. It can take lot of time to create this hairstyle, but after creating it you can easily look very unique.

To create this hairstyle, first wash the hair and then condition it properly. Next divide the hair into four equal sections which must look even with straight squares. Now create a tiny part in the first section and make sure that all the parts are around the same size. Start braiding the hair from the first pinch by taking three sections of hair and cross the left section under the middle section. Add the right section under the middle section to create a braid. Braid the complete sections from root to the tip and secure it with a black rubber band. Now create a second part from the first section and start braiding it as well. Continue the braiding process and clip each section after that. After braiding all the four sections you can see at least 100 box braids on your head. There is no need to remove the hair for washing as it can be washed as it is.

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