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Hairstyle with colored smeared partitions!


Models at Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show experimented with colors and presented with different combination of color inspired hair the hair style was sleek center partitioned hair with about one and a half inch of roots smeared with different colors. The models looked beautiful and gorgeous. This hairstyle is loose and enhances the free spirit, the straight hair add to elegance and feminity while the colors add to funkiness. To get this hairstyle, you need a proper wash with a good shampoo and conditioner. Dab on hair smoothening serum. Give a shot of hairspray and comb the hair while blow drying to make them straight and sleek. Make a center partition. For additional straightening, use a straightener. Now take color spray and spray your desired color over the partition. Make sure the color is sprayed evenly to about one and half inch width on both sides of partition. Give a last shot of little hair spray and your lookย  for the party is done!

Wassup new: Show your funky side by experimenting with colors. For that you have loads of colors in the market as hair sprays which are temporary and last a single wash so that you can change your hairstyle and hair color daily. Go on!!


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