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Highlighting Dark Hair Naturally


Highlighting a naturally dark hair can accentuate its depth and also make it look more attractive. This style can be achieved by using hair styling products, but the chemicals found in the product can damage the hair. Using a natural hair highlighting solution can help to get this style and it can also prevent hair damaging. There are many ways of highlighting the hair naturally and one of the best ways is by using the chamomile tea. This method is known to be safer as well as effective in highlighting the hair. Most of the people style their hair in this way as it can give a great look and also keep the hair healthier.

To begin the styling, first wash the hair with a shampoo and then condition it properly to remove any debris as it can make the natural highlighting less effective. Leave the hair to dry naturally and avoid blow-drying the hair as it can remove luster as well as make the highlighting less effective. Take two cups of water in a bowl to mix it with four pouches of chamomile tea and leave it to steep as the hair dries. Start brushing the chamomile tea through the hair with the help of a hairbrush until it becomes thoroughly moistened. Leave the hair for about two hours and then rinse it with cool water. Now you can dry the hair using a towel which will give you a newly highlighted hairstyle.

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