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Messy shoelace braided plait.


Well, shoelaces can also be used in place of ribbons and well blended with hair, proves our Michael Kors hair stylist who made the models wear messy thick plaits with shoelaces. The look was completely natural and messy and did increase the spotlight to hair. To get this hairstyle, you need a curl promoting shampoo wash and deep conditioning. Do not use anti frizz or smoothening serum. You may go with or without a center partition. Comb once only. Now blow dry your hair. Do not comb again. Divide your hair into three thicker sections. If you have thin and limp hair, you may use hair extensions. Join the hair with the shoelaces of different colors. You may use one shoelace for one section or same shoelace for two sections by folding it. Pass the left section over the middle one and under the right one. Similarly pass the right section over the middle one and under the left. Repeat doing this till you reach the end of the plait. When about one or two inches are left, secure the plait down by tying the shoelaces as you do with your ribbons. Spray on a little hairspray and off you go!!

Wassup new: Use bold colored shoelaces to make your hairstyle speak. Choose golden or silver for an exotic evening party. The messy look works in all hairstyles!!


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