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Sky high pompadours at a glance!


Models at Heider Ackermann show looked exotic with high top of the head pompadours. It created a look that spelled mystery and peace the same time. Though not very sexy but this rare hairstyle has its own charm and beauty.

To get this hairstyle, wash your hair with a good shampoo and a conditioner for better shine and texture. Use hair smoothening serum and blow dry. Now comb your hair. Dab lots of gel throughout. Comb upwards and collect all hair on top of your head. Use hair gel profusely. Now, using your fingers mould the hair into a high poof. The poof should be 4-5 inches in height. If the hair is short, collect the hair from the front and the back into a volcano shaped pompadour with ends towards inside and if the hair is long, you can form a poof and then fold the rest of your hair down in a bun or hide it under the pompadour, folding it with pins. One exotic hairstyle and you can go completely different adorning this hairstyle with crystals, chains, pearls, beads. Try and create some mystery by wearing this hairstyle!

Wassup new: Hand down some chains from the top of the pompadour cover it with a scarf around your head and neck for the added elegance. You are ready!!

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