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Fanned fringe hairstyle.


Fanned fringe hairstyle is rather uncommon. But once tried, they may look gorgeous. It is quite simple and easy to make. It may look good on loose hair, ponytails and even half-ties. Well you may give it a try with buns and updoโ€™s too!

To have this fanned fringe, you need to shampoo and condition well. Use a hair smoothening serum and dab it all over. Comb well on wet hair and blow dry. When done, make a center partition and put the bangs on the front. If you do not have bangs, you may cut the small thin front section of your hair into equal length bangs that reach almost the length of your lower eyelid. Now, take a straightener and start straightening the whole mane making small sections one by one. Make sure you do not overdo the straightening lest it may look like a sleek, rebounded structure. When done, use your fingers to comb the hair and mash the ends so that it may have a little messy, still manageable effect. Come back to the fringe. Part the fringe in the center and sweep the ends to the side so that it may look as a triangle of forehead skin showing beneath a fan of hair fringe. Use some hairspray to hold and straighten the fringe using straightener while moving the hair to a side while releasing it. Give a shot of hair spray all over and your fanned fringe look is ready!

Wassup new: Use this look to make half tieโ€™s or updoโ€™s and see your look changed all over! Go on!

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