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Golden and black pattern painted hairstyle.


The hairstyle shows good experiments done with hair paints. The hair has been beautifully side swept on some of the models and smeared with golden paint patterns, black paint patterns and golden foil. The hair has been tied into low kept buns that have been dipped into golden paint. The hairstyle is eye catching, colorful and of course antique. To get this hairstyle, first shampoo and deep condition your tresses. Use a smoothening serum. Blow dry. Now, either give a side partition or back sweep your hair. Comb properly. Use hair gel on small sections of the hair to keep it manageable and suave. While you back sweep or give a side partition, use hair spray so that the hair look polished and seem to be transformed into very flat and thin spreads. At the back, take your hair and pull it into a ponytail, securing it with a rubber band. On the tail use lots of hair gel and hair spray and make the hair twist into a rosette and fix it with bobby pins. Now, use hair color sprays of golden and black colors. Spray the back section of the head with golden paint forming variety of patterns you desire. You can form geometric shapes like small rhomboids, circles etc or flower shaped patterns. On the forehead, use black paint to form different patterns aligning the margin. Use golden foil sheets on the top of the head to cover the hair. If you are adorning a bun with it, you may smear the golden paint on your bun to give little alien effect. You unique style is ready!

Wassup new: It’s a great experimental look. You can use any hair color spray.  Wear feathers, hair cushions, antique headbands with it to create your own style. Be different sometimes!!

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