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How to wear a sleek headband.


We have been adorning headbands since we were toddlers. That time, it made us look cute and now, we opt for the things that make us look smart and sexy the same time, without overdoing anyone of them. Sleek headbands are very much in fashion and create a manageable image of a person. Cute hello kitty headbands are still worn by teens that tend to look cute. Sleek ones are more for the simple, ladylike look in you. A single line sleek headband may offer to look sexy most of the time and we have seen office going women adorn it most. Their outlook looks authoritative and the headband adds to it. Adding it to a bun does the same. Crystal headbands (single line sleeks) are the most common and highlight your hair. Even if you are wearing no jewellery or earrings and go with a sleek crystal headband, you are sure to win. It looks classy and gives a shine to the whole outlook. Wear it with a bun, ponytail or loose hair, it always looks special. Try them on and you will love them!

Wassup new: Try the princess headband that has a small crown shaped enlargement in the middle. Be the princess of your D-day by wearing a sleek headband and win loads of compliments!!

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