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Short curly hair bob: Volumed thick curly hairdo!


Its natural for a straight haired person to like wearing a curly haircut and vice versa. And whenever you see a curly short hairdo, you can never set your eyes off, of course in envy! Well, now for the most part it is easy to get a curly short hairdo, a short volumised bob that may appear huge, yet tamed and beautiful. Short hair actually give height, bounce and life to the hair.

To get this hairstyle, you need to first get a short bob haircut. Wash your tresses with a good shampoo and conditioner. Get your hair cut chin length, keeping the bangs in front. This is because when curls actually form, they tend to curl down about one inch of the length of hair into themselves, making the hair appear shorter than desired. When done, dab on some curl promoting serum on wet hair and blow dry. If your hair are wavy or curly in texture, you may just need to make curls using your fingers on wet hair while blow drying and your curly bob would be greatly done when the hair have dried. But if you have straight hair then you might need to use curlers or a curling iron rod. Separate your hair into very thin sections. When still damp, dab on some hair gel and curl each section of hair using a curling rod. But as you need curls right from the roots, a curling iron might not b that satisfactory. You might need to use hair curlers for that. Pick up thick curlers for that purpose and roll on each thin section of hair around them after a dash of hair spray applied to each. Blow dry. When done, open up the curlers and move your fingers through them. Mash up some of the curls to give a messy, natural effect. Spray on and your short curly bob is ready to be flaunted!!

Wassup new: ย Curl up the bangs too and make sure the curls fall over your forehead. Adorn with a crystal headband sometime and hair clips to get a different feel every time you wear this look. Its simply gorgeous!



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