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Styled frizzy manes.


Frizzy hair can be a problem with many. A simple tactful reason for not liking the frizz is that it is difficult to manage great frizzy hair especially ones that have every single hair separated and bent to catch enough air between them and create huge volume. Of course frizzy hair are difficult to comb at times and its naturally impossible to comb them with fingers alone. In other words, it is a dense, exaggerated form of messiness that has been applied to every single hair of the tresses. But of course, everything in this world can be moulded into a good and handable form and so can we show you how frizzy tresses can look awesome by styling them into great hairstyles.

First to get frizzy hair, shampoo and condition your hair properly. Those who have naturally frizzy hair can just blow dry after that but rest need to create the frizz to have this hairstyle. For creating frizz, we need two things, teasing spray and a very tight comb. Use the teasing spray to blow dried hair and separate numerous small sections of hair all over. Use the tight comb to backcomb each section. Backcomb by moving the comb to and fro with hair tangled in between while you hold the ends of the section with your other hand. It creates volume and frizz, of course.  Repeat this teasing thing to every separated section of hair. It might need greater muscular strength and of course, time. One more way to create frizz is to make thin multiple plaits and braids all over your head using wet hair that has been shampooed a while ago and then sleeping overnight with it. Open them in the morning to find naturally permed hair. You can create awesome frizz by backcombing the permed hair and creating loads of volume from it. It works!! When frizz has been created, give a side partition by using a rat tail comb. Now, take the front section of hair on both sides of partition and comb it sleekly till 3-4 inches from the partition. You may use hair spray to make them slightly straight and polished. Make sure you do not comb the rest of the hair. Twist the front sections and pin them up on their respective sides with adorable hair clips or bobby pins and decorating them with flowers or crystals. Give a little shot of hair spray all over, keeping your eyes closed and your look is done! Awesome!

Wassup new:  Use neat, frizzy hair to make awesome updo’s and buns. Even half-tie’s look great with them. It gives volume to the buns and the updo’s and make your face appear thinner. Try on some looks and you will get to know!


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