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Curly crimped hair: Loose messy outlook for the beach.


One of the major looks that are in this season is the messy one. Its strange and wonderful to know how hair artists have evolved into creating elegance with messiness and the style is the roar of the season! How creative is it that the whole set of plaits, buns, updoโ€™s, ponytails, loose all have been moulded well to form a messy look that can be charismatically worn onto the red carpet events. Here is one of those looks that a person can make out without much effort and look rebellious and attitudic the same time. To get this hairstyle, you need to wash with a curl promoting shampoo and a conditioner. While the hair is still wet, apply some mousse and make two or three tight plaits out of randomly selected small sections of hair. Swish and swash the remaining loose hair while still damp and do that while blow drying it. Do not open the plaits. When dry, make a center partition out of your hair extending till back so that the hair is divided into two sections placed each on one side, in front of the neck. Now, open the plaits. They will look like a crimped paper and naturally permed. Take whole of the one half of the hair placed on one side and taking a thick curling rod, longitudinally curl the whole section. Do the same to the other side. Release the curling rod and make the curl fall in front of your neck, one on each side. Do not open the curl. Let them open naturally with time. Dab on some hair spray at the end finishing your look for the day on the beach!

Wassup new: This hairstyle is completely natural looking and perfect for a day on the beach. Attach some flowers on the sides or wear a seashell headband for added attraction. Off you go strolling!!

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