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Frizzy, messy updo’s with bangs and flicks.


Models that adorned this look showcased another style of messy outlook. Their hair looked messy and out of place yet very classy. Since the messy look is in nowadays, this look can be tried. Well, you get as many looks t try in this messy category as much times you comb your hair. Lets try!

To get this hairstyle, first wash your hair with a shampoo and a good conditioner. Do not use anti frizz or hair smoothening serums because we need frizzy hair intentionally. While still wet, comb your hair once with a wide toothed comb and then blow dry. When dry, make small sections of hair. Take a thin tight toothed comb and start backcombing and teasing each section. If you have bangs, tease them up a little. Now, pull out few thick flicks from the front section and from behind your ear and using your fingers, comb and hold back the rest of your hair at the middle of the head. You can either put up a ponytail or twist the section two times and pin up using bobby pins to create a French twist or you can wrap the ends of ponytail around its own neck to create a bun effect. Choose any style. When you got your hair pinned up, pull out a few more flicks from the back side to give a more messy effect. Take a straightener and straighten up the front thick flicks without combing them. Dab on a shot of hair spray and your hairstyle is ready!!

Wassup new: Add a flower to one side or a crystal and enhance its poise. Its sure to grab attention.

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