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Front poof with French twist at Rochas fashion show.


Models wore a look that matched retro hairstyle, though it was combined of a front poof and a french twist on its back. The models had an elegant smudge and a look that combined both the eras into one. To het this hairstyle, shampoo and condition properly combined with a hair smoothing serum. Now blow dry. Make two sections of hair horizontally using a rat tail comb, one on front and on top of the head and the other on the middle and the back of the head. Take the front section, back comb and tease it properly to get the desired height and volume. Raise the poof and then fix it with bobby pins at its base. Spray on the front of the poof and then lightly comb it to get the serrations straight and not messy. Now, take the back section and comb it all over. Dab on hairspray and comb it altogether. Take the ends of the front poof section and blend into this back section. Holding the hair horizontally parallel to the floor and combing it vertically at ninety degrees to the floor, start folding the ends of the hair into a twist till the twist reaches the roots. Pin it up using bobby pins. Make sure that the twist is tight enough. Spray on and lightly comb the exterior to get a polished effect. Your modern retro look is done!

Wassup new: Wear a transparent scarf around it to get a feel of the retro era or adorn a big crystal by its side. You are the attention of the day!

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