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Models at Narciso Rodriguez show: Color painted hair with updo’s.


The models appeared exotic and had an alien effect in their hairstyle. They adorned French twist, doughnut buns along with backswept color sprayed hair. Each model wore a different single color and that added to its techno. The hairstyle is pretty easy and of course eye catching. To create this hairstyle, wash and condition properly your mane. Use a hair smoothening serum all over profusely and comb your hair. Make a back sweep all over using a wide toothed comb. Make sure the wide serrations in hair are clearly seen made from the comb. Pull all your hair back into a French twist made by folding hair vertically from the ends till it reaches the roots and then pinning them up using bobby pins. If the hair is extra long, you can make a doughnut bun with the upper half of the hair and then make a French twist over the bun using the lower half of the hair. Now, take some hair color spray and spray it all over the head leaving the back bun or twist portion. Make sure the color does not enter your eyes or spread tp the face or forehead. When it is dry, give a dab of hair spray and your exotic alien look for the night is done!

Wassup new: Add a sleek headband to modernize the look. You look elegant with it, maintaining its unique colorful outlook. Try some different looks to experiment with your hair. You will love it!!

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