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Volumised messy faux bob for long hair.


Models showed a newer messy inspired look for Thakoon’s show. It was a faux bob done with longer hair. The models looked gorgeous despite carrying a different hairstyle. The hairstyle may take time to be drawn but then of course, its worth the patience. To try out this exotic hairstyle, first you need to do the basics. Shampoo well and condition. Do not use anti frizz or hair smoothing serums. Back sweep your hair using a wide toothed comb and blow dry. Make very small sections of your hair. Take a thin, tight toothed comb and start backcombing each section by moving the comb through the hair back and fro. When whole mane has been back combed, using your fingers, collect all the hair at the bottom , near the nape of your neck and two inches from the ends, tie a rubber band to create a very, very loose ponytail. Fold the ponytail towards inside and beneath the hair and pin it up using bobby pins. You get a faux bob. Make sure the ponytail is tightly attached otherwise it may open up the whole hairstyle. Β Pull out few flicks from the front, the back and the side. Give a shot of hair spray and your faux bob is ready to flaunt!!

Wassup new: Attach a headband to give a neater effect. Bobs with headbands look great. Try on this hair style and have the shorter hair effect for the day!

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