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Spinning Waves Hairstyle


Hairstyle with spinning waves is a very unique way of styling your hair. This style is usually worn by men when compared to women. In this hairstyle, the hair will look as though it is spinning 360 degree. This style can be easily created if the hair is naturally curly and other types of hair will consume more time. Just follow these simple steps to create this style on your head.

To start the styling, first cut the hair about one and half inches thick to create a 360-degree pattern. Next wash the hair with a shampoo and condition it in a normal way. Add a generous amount of pomade in your palms and spread it all over the hair. Now you must soak a towel in hot water and place it across your head for 2-3 minutes by pressing it firmly to make the pomade melt into the hair. Start brushing the hair from the middle of your head forward and then brush it from the crown back down toward the neck. Brush the hair again below your crown diagonally over the ear and toward the cheek which will create a connection between forward stroke at the front and downward stroke at the back of your head. Use a wave cap on your head for about 30 minutes or leave it during the night. Use the same process again on the next day with many brush strokes which is good for creating waves.

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