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Thick wavy hairstyle at Versace.


Out of all the hairstyles, I think thick, wavy medium length is the one that looks utmost sexy. The hair do appear to be volumised, thick and little wavy and of course neat and manageable. The look can be accompanied on a red carpet with as ease as it can be on a trip to shopping side. Its easy to form and stays for longer. To get this hairstyle, you need to shampoo well and condition. Use a hair smoothing serum and blow dry. Use mousse for added shine and smoothness. Make a center partition and divide the hair into two parts, left and right. Now, take two thick and big curlers and wrap the hair on each side around each of the rollers so that the curlers form big waves onto the hair. Use a hair dryer to give medium heat to the curlers. Make sure you do not get proper curls otherwise it may ruin the look. Curling rod may be used here but them either the waves may be short or the curls may be too tight. It has to be managed carefully. Now remove the rollers and let your tresses fall. Wow! Use your fingers to move through the curls once and your look is done!! Give a slight shot of hairspray at the ends.

Wassup new:Β  This look is universal and can match anything you wear or carry. Make sure you wear less accessories to focus more on your hairstyle. You are the winner tonight!!


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