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Volumed ponytails.


Models showcased at Vitkor and Rolf, a new type of sexy, volumised ponytails that took back time to school era. But there was one difference. The ponytails were hugely volumed from roots till ends and tied very low with ribbons. The overall look was too cute and the volumised ponytails added the sexy touch to it. To get this hairstyle, first have a good wash and deep conditioning done to your hair. Blow dry. Now, you can have two styles to create the volume to your hair. One is backcombing and teasing and the other one is to do heavy perming. Both of them look awesome and both of them need ample time. Β Back sweep your hair and divide it into numerous small sections. Start backcombing with a small, tight comb or you can perm the sections one by one using a permer. Use hair spray on each section after you have done the teasing or perming. When all sections have been done, gently collect all your hair at the back of the head into a ponytail. Tie a thin rubber band about one and a half inch from the ends. If the ends are not equal, make them equal by cutting them with a sharp scissors after you tie them with a rubber band. Attach a ribbon over the rubber band and make a good knot. Give a last dash of hair spray and your old school look is ready!!

Wassup new: Use variety of ribbons and adorn the sides of your hairdo with hair clips to get a more old school feel.


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