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A back retro roll.


Retro fashion hairstyles are chic elegant and suave. They enhance one’s individuality and present feminity on the front. The models here show a retro roll done beautifully. The hairstyle is utmost stylish and creates an aura of magic around. Try it on for the same magic to be dawned upon you. To get this hairstyle, you need to shampoo and condition properly first. Then use a hair smoothing serum all over. Blow dry. Now, comb properly and give a side partition. On the greater side, bring out a thick flick and clamp it for styling afterwards. Pull back all the hair and comb once again, collecting the hair at the nape of your neck. Give a good shot of hairspray to the hair throughout. Take a curling iron rod and fold the ends over it. Keep folding till it reaches the roots so that a big thick horizontal curl is formed out of the back hair. Give sufficient heat to it. When done, slowly release the curling rod, taking care that the curl does not break out. Spray some more hair spray so that the hair stays in its place. Tie the inside of the curl with bobby pins so that it does not open up and remains tight. Open the front flick and using a straightener, either straighten it out or you can tie a rubber band or a hair clip to it. Make sure that this flick hangs down a bit on the forehead. Give a last shot f hair spray all over and you are ready to go to the red carpet or prom, anywhere!

Wassup new: Try looking polished with proper hair sprays and hair shiners with retro looks. If your look is messy, it ultimately becomes modernized. That’s the concept. Try on!!

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