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Bouffant Bun


A Bouffant Bun is a classic way of styling the hair. This style create a charmingly messy fashion which is considered to be new look. The hairstyle reached its peak during the 1960s and from then it has been worn in different shapes and sizes by most of the people. There are many celebs who like to style there in this manner for the red carpet and other special events. Creating this hairstyle is very easy, but achieving the height of the bun may take more time. Here is a step by step procedure to achieve this hairstyle without any help.

It is easy to get this style, start the styling process by adding a generous amount of mousse or any comparable styling product all over the hair. Next brush the hair completely with the help of a fine bristled brush, especially on top of your head back to get the signature puffiness of the bouffant. Now you must pull the hair back at the nape of your head and start twisting it into a very loose or tight bun. Secure the bun with few pins to get into the look. You can also add hair clips or other decorative items over the hairstyle to make it more attractive. This hairstyle may look like you have been out driving in a convertible car if you create it loose, so try to use the styling product generously to make the hair hold in one place.

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