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Giuliana Rancic’s Piecey Curls


Giuliana Rancic has got beautiful piecey curls which is one of the best way to get a great look for any special event. You must get a haircut to make the hair look before start the styling process. Also make sure that you have a long hair and texturize your hair which will help to lighten the ends of the hair. This will also make the roots of the hair thick and create more lift at the crown of your head. There are many celebs who like to wear this hairstyle for a special occasion as it gives a simple and beautiful look. Here is a simple method that can be followed to get this style.

It is easy to achieve this style, first wash the hair completely using a shampoo and then condition it properly. Next spread a generous amount of styling mousse on the fingertips and gently apply it over the hair. Start creating curls with the help of a curling tool such as a curling iron by placing it vertically. Finger comb the hair to divide the curls slightly to create a piecey look and pull few pieces of hair at the front of your face.Β  Twist few pieces of hair in between your fingers and finally spritz the hair with a light finishing spray. This hairstyle can be created only if the hair is long enough or in case the hair is short try to use the curling tool at the end.

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