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Snail roll hairstyle.


Snail roll hairstyle is a look in which two big rolls are set on the top of the head resembling the tentacles of a snail. Though this look is quite experimental, its retro touch makes it special and worth a try. Here we are combing the snail roll with back bun too.

To get this hairstyle, first go for the basics, shampooing and conditioning. Then use a hair smoothing serum and blow dry. Comb your hair properly and make out three sections of hair. In the front make two sections that extend to the sides and just a little to the back. Keep the third section completely at the back. Clamp each section. Now, open up one of the front two sections and combing properly, untangle the hair. Use hair spray throughout. Take some thick cylindrical hair cushions and start wrapping the ends of the hair of the section around one of them. Make sure you curl the hair around them towards inside till it reaches the roots. Pin them up once they reach the scalp. Pin the hair with bobby pins on the sides of the curls too so that they might not open up. Do the same for the opposite side front section so that you have two big, thick curls like a snail on the top front of your head. Now open the third back section and combing properly, make a ponytail out of it. Tie the ponytail with a tight rubber band. While giving the second pass to the hair through the band, just give a little pass so that a small fold of hair is above the band and the rest of it lies beneath with its tail hanging down. Wrap the tail around the neck of ponytail so that it forms a bun. Give a last shot of hairspray all over and your snail roll is ready to flaunt!!

Wassup new: You can use thin hair cushions that make thin snail rolls. You can even use all your hair in making the front rolls only. Nevertheless it’s a good look to be tried once!

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