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Bouffant ponytails with side bangs.


A bouffant hairstyle has a retro connection. The manes are huge being teased and tied up high along with side swept straight bangs. The style is ultra red carpet and utmost easy though it needs time and patience to undergo. For this hairstyle, you need a proper wash with a shampoo and a conditioner. Do not use anti frizz or hair smoothing serums. Now blow dry and comb the bangs to one side. Make several small sections of hair and using a small and a tight comb start teasing and backcombing each section by moving comb to and fro through the sections holding the ends with the other hand. You may use a teasing spray for added volume and height. This teasing may take the entire time and of course muscular strength too. When the desired height has been reached, give a shot of hair spray and collect all hair into a ponytail near the nape of your neck with your hands without using a comb again. Tie the ends of the ponytail with a tight thin rubber band. Make sure the hair looks messy and not super polished. On the front, pin up the side bangs to one side using bobby pins. Give a last shot of hair spray and your retro bouffant ponytail is ready!

Wassup new: Adorn a sleek headband with it to give more raise to your look. A head band looks awesome with a retro thick updo.

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