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Concentric Heidi braids.


Concentric Heidi braids are crown braids, one enclosing the other. The braids give the hairstyle a crown appearance and an Egyptian feel to it. The hairstyle utilizes the basic braiding pattern only. Start from the basic wash and conditioning. Apply some mousse and blow dry. Comb properly and make two sections by dividing the hair concentrically like two circles, one in between the other, using a rat tail comb. Now start braiding each section one by one. Braid both the sections in the same directions. Braiding is done by making three strands out of the section of hair and then interwining them, picking up more hair from the margins after each weave. To interwine, you need to pass the left strand over the middle one and under the right strand. Doing the same for the right strand completes one weave. Add up some more hair each on right and left strands after each weave. This is braiding. The difference between plaiting and braiding is that there is no addition of marginal hair to each weave in the former where as it is done in braiding. Each weave has connections to the roots in braiding. When both the concentric braids are done, wrap them around each other and then blend them where they meet, fixing the ends with bobby pins. Make sure no ends hang out. A complete crown should form around the head. Dab on hairspray and your Egyptian look is ready!!

Wassup new: Adorn the braids with flowers, hair clips for a beach party or sea shells hanging chains for a natural summer feel.

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