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Simple buns with pearl headbands and thick nets: Accessories in style!


Models showcased a new hairdo with two accessories, a pearl headband and a thick net along with regular buns at their back. The look was girly and full of hippy life. The nets gave the color and the headbands gave the shine and beauty. The buns added to the poise to the hairstyle. One must try various combinations of hair accessories with different hairstyles. To have this hairstyle, first go for the basics, shampooing and conditioning. Use a hair smoothing serum. Blow dry and comb well. Give a side partition. Use mousse to make the hair more smoother. Pull back all of the hair into a neat ponytail. You may use hairspray all over your hair to give a cleaner, manageable look. Tie the ponytail with a tight rubber band. Twist the ends of the tail clockwise till it forms a thick sausage. Wrap this sausage around the neck of the ponytail and fix its ends with bobby pins. Make sure that the bun is tight. This completes your bun. Give shot of hairspray all over. Attach a pearl headband that has some abstract features on it. Wear a thick colorful net on your whole hairstyle in any way you want. You may tie the net facing its knot upwards on the forehead or backwards, near the nape of the neck. You may cover the headband so that it is visible only from under the net holes or you can tie it behind the headband exposing it fully. Make your choices and your own individual style. Go on!!

Wassup new: You may entertain a messy bun in the similar manner with it and let the flicks show from under the band and the net bandana. Use your hair accessories to maxim! Try on!


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