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Top of the head knot.


Well, a top of the head knot can be so sexy and chic, models showcased here in Kevork Kilejidan fashion show. The models had a backsweep and a knot of hair on the top of their heads with its tail facing upwards in a fan like shape. The overall look was feminine and chic with some elements of funkiness. To get this hairstyle, you need to go for the basic wash and conditioning first. Use some hair smoothing serum and blow dry a little. Keep the hair a little damp. Apply lots of gel onto the hair and comb regularly. Make a back sweep and collect your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head. Tie the neck of the ponytail with a rubber band. While passing your hair through the rubber band a second time, just pass a little through it and let the remaining tail hand down from beneath the ponytail. Make sure the small fold of hair shows up from top of the tied area. Comb the tail hanging and wrap it around the neck of the ponytail. When about two inches of tail is left, pass the ends through the rubber band and let the two inched ends show hanging on the upper side. Use some gel to make them stiffen and then comb them towards upside in a fan shape. Blow dry a little to make the gel stiffen some more. At the end give shot of hair spray all over. Your chic top knot is done!

Wassup new: This kind of hairstyle suits with leather. Show your rebellious attitude with your chic style still remaining intact. Try on!

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