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Frizzy funky blonde bob.


This is another frizzy look that I personally love. The hair has been cut into equal chin length bob with front bangs. The highlight of this look is its frizzy texture that maintains the volume and substance of this hairstyle. To get this hairstyle, first go for the basic wash and conditioning. Then cut your hair into a short bob with equal hair on all sides. Keep the bangs on front. Now divide our hair into very thin multiple sections. Take a thin and tight comb and start teasing each section by moving the comb back and fro numerous number of times so that the hair form a thick mesh. Likewise, backcomb all the sections. You might have the desired heaviness and volume in your hair by now. But I must tell you. This backcombing will take a lot of your time and of course muscular strength. You may ease your work by perming the sections one by one. Perming also increases the volume of the hair. Now, smear some gel onto the front bangs and tease them in an upward direction so that when it is done, the front hair form a fan like fringe facing upwards. Give a shot of hair spray when done. Take some colorful hair color sprays and spray them onto your bob and the front fringe.Β  This completes your funky frizzy bob look. You can wear this hairstyle on Halloween. You are ready!

Wassup new: Use funky bold colors like orange, pink, blue and yellow. These colors give an extra edge to blonde hair. Try them on sometime!


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