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Kim Kardashian’s retro side roll.


This is one of the retro looks one must try for sure. This is simple, neat and polished. The hairstyle enhances the elegance of the lady who wears it. Retro hairstyles have always been the favourite at the red carpet and its not uncommon to see one or the other celebrity endorsing retro look everyday. It elates the oomph of the persona.

To have this graceful feminine look you need to have a good wash with a shampoo and then deep conditioning. Blow dry a little. Use hair smoothing serums. While hair is still mildly damp, spread hair gel throughout your hair. Give a side partition and collect all hair by combing to one side preferably the greater side of the partition. Give a side sweep combing, lifting the hair lightly from the front to give a little side raise. Take a curling rod and engage whole of the ends of the hair that have been swept to a side, into it and start curling the hair around towards upside and outwards. Make sure all hair is engaged and it forms a big tight thick curl on the side. Keep folding the rod with hair around till it reaches the roots and can turn around no more. When sufficient heat has been provided, slowly release the rod, making sure that the curl roll does not break. Fix the curl with bobby pins all over and on the side too so that it does not open up. Give a big shot of hairspray and your look is done!!

Wassup new: Keep your accessories minimum when you want to focus on your hairstyle, especially with retro ones. They make the grace out of your speak with your hairstyle. Try on!

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