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Lily Cole’s short curls.


Short curly hair does look so sexy. The curls add to the short bob look and it can be a different style for the ones having naturally straight hair. Start styling first by going for the basic wash.  Condition freely. Use mousse. Comb very well. Blow dry your hair. Now, using your fingers, make a center partition. If the partition goes awry, its fine. The look is a messy one after all. Take out a thin strand out of your mane and then using a thin curling rod, curl the strand making sure that the curl is defined. Likewise, make curls out of the whole hair making small sections out of it. When done, using your fingers open up some of the curls and mash the rest with your hands to give a messy look. If you have naturally wavy hair, then after a wash you ca use your fingers to make curls and then pin them up till they are dry on their own. They will appear to be as defined as a curler. If your hair is straight, you definitely need a curling rod to help. Spray on some hairspray to finalise your hairstyle and off you go. The red carpet is waiting!

Wassup new: Attach a side crystal or a crystal hair clip to one side of your hair and increase its worth. You might do it with a headband too. You are sure to win compliments!


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