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Maintaining Mini Afro Hairstyle


A mini afro hairstyle is often believed to be the style of 1970s and it can look stylish on a contemporary person of African descent. But this style can suit anyone whether a African descent or not depending on the hair which is naturally kinky as it needs lot of pressure to straighten it. Having a kinky hair is known to be healthier and if it maintained in a proper way you can really make a fashion statement. Here are few steps that can help you to maintain this hairstyle.

While washing your hair use a shampoo and make sure to wash it at least twice to cleanse it thoroughly. Next add a little amount of conditioner to your hair depending on the length of the hair. After conditioning your hair rinse it properly and apply the leave in conditioner thoroughly on every section of the hair. Gently comb the hair with a rat tail comb from tip to root and divide the hair into six sections. Now start combing the hair to divide it into separate blocks and secure it with hair clips. Spread a hair lotion section by section and mist water to add moisture. Now you can tilt your head and dry the hair using a diffuser and make sure to scrunch the hair while blow-drying the hair to get tighter curls. After this you can have a tight and curly hairstyle for a day and then the curls will start to loosen.

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