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Olivia Wilde’s feathered flip hairstyle.


Oliver Wilde sports here a loose, feathered flip hairstyle that gives abundance and volume to the hair. The hair cut is easy to do and of course the style is much easier to pursue. Wash your hair with a good cleansing shampoo to be ready for the haircut. While still damp, comb properly to remove any tangles and make a side partition. Now make two sections of hair all over horizontally to make steps onto your hair. Clamp up the top section and let the lower section be loose.  Cut the lower section razorwise and make it equal. Razorwise means to cut it in a slant so that there are not blunt ends. When done, open the top section and cut it around one inch shorter than the lower section in the same razor style all over. Now come to the front. Spray some more water. Separate the front section on both the sides longitudinally up till the ears. Hold each section straight and cut it with slant towards upside so that the hair seem to be going up slantily as it reaches the face. Do the same on other side. On the greater side, cut the bangs to the level of lower eyelid, of course in the same style. Blow dry. Your haircut is done. Now take a curler and making out thin sections of whole hair and curl the hair towards outside. Curl the bangs too towards outside but let them hang over the forehead. When done, use your fingers to open up all the curls to give thick feathery waves. Open up the bang curl too. Move your head to and fro a couple of times to give life to your hair. Give a shot of hairspray, just a little and there you are hoping away!!

Wassup new: It’s a great hairstyle and one must go for regular cuts to maintain the steps in the hair. Nevertheless, feather flipped hair tied into ponytails too look great. Try any hairstyle with this cut and you will be rocking!


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