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Smearing hair paints.


Well these are not the hair colors we use to color our hair or the dyes that camouflage the grey ones. These are thick hair paints that are used to make different unique funky hairstyles that may entertain many people. Hair paints are thick and pasty in consistency and applied over hair with a hair brush. Hair paints have been used for centuries for giving different dimension to hair in theatre, stage shows, circuses and runways. These paints are available in every color one might think of and of course they are biocompatible. They are skin and hair friendly and water soluble and can easily give away with a hair wash. Nevertheless, these hair paints are smeared over the hair just like hair gel and then hair are combed or styled using fingers. Pretty much the hair take whatever shape they are styled into when they areΒ Β  daubed with hair paints in similar manner as gel. You can keep a faux bob y using hair paints or a front sweep. Go funky this summer using hair paints in different colors and hairstyles.

Wassup new: Use a series of hair paints using brush strokes onto neatly styled hair. Make rainbow patterns or a combination of two colors. Life your life in colors this season!

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