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Crochet Braids


Crochet Braids are known to be non-chemical way of styling the hair for African-American women. In this hairstyle there are no hair caps or glues are used to prevent damages to the hair and scalp. This style will also help you to change the hair color and also match your outfit or change the naturally short hair. There are also few celebrities who like to style there in this way as it can be achieved by following these methods.

To start the styling, first divide the hair equally into small sections and part the hair starting from front to back. Create small French braids on each section of the hair from the separated row to braid. Next include more hair from the row with each knot of the braid and start braiding the entire head from the forehead to nape of your neck. Secure each section of hair using a rubber band and use the end of the crochet needle under first braid of cornrow by pointing the hook upwards. Fold the small section of the packaged hair into half and place the end of your hair around the hook of crochet needle. Pull two loose ends of the packaged hair into loop and tighten it covering the natural braided hair. Crocheting the hair on the cornrow after leaving small spaces between the rows and cut the hair into your desired style. Crochet braids particularly look good on layered and bob styles.

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