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Kim Kardashian’s bobby pinned retro lowdo.


Retro looks have been experimented by all and Kim brings forth another retro style that can be tried for the event tonight. Retro looks exhilarate the aura and make things go classy. This retro look is a lowdo made of curly hair and finally pinned. To get this hairstyle, go for a curl promoting shampoo wash and conditioning. Use a curl promoting serum and blow dry. Make a side partition (significant of retro hairstyles) and use hair spray all over. Take a thin curling rod and making small sections of hair, make longitudinal curls out of it. When whole mane is done, first pin up the sides of the partition on both sides near the ears using bobby pins. Then roll up all the curls from ends to roots to form a thick roll that is directed outwards. Make sure the roll is quite thick and wide and rests on the nape of your neck. Pin this roll using bobby pins all over. Give a last shot of hairspray and your one more retro look is ready!!

Wassup new: Attach some crystal chains on your lowdo. It enhances the look. Try it.

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