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Olivia Wilde’s wavy hairstyle with headband.


Olivia sports a girly look here. She looks full of life yet with her hair loose, maintains the feminity and with her sleek headband manages to uplift her manageable persona. She looks lovely and cute. To have this hairstyle, wash your hair with a good shampoo to cleanse thoroughly. Condition the same. While hair are still damp, dab some mousse all over. Comb all hair with a back sweep. Now while the hair is still damp, make thin sections of hair with a rat tail comb. Over a round bristled brush, wrap the thin sections of hair one by one and blow dry a little. Make sure not to give too much heat. There has to be waves, not curls. If the curls do form while accidently given heat for a larger amount of time, open up the curls with your fingers till they break up to form loose waves. Now, make two sections of your hair horizontally at the crest of your head, a little lower than the flat top of your head.  The top section should be thin and the section immediately lower than that should have the rest of the hair. Wear a sleek head band tightly with a back sweep. Keeping the upper section clamped, take some of the hair from the lower section and one to two inches from the roots, start teasing and backcombing them. Make sure that the waves do not get disrupted. When some height and volume have been made, open the top section over it and move your fingers through all hair. Give a shot of hairspray and your hairstyle is ready to flaunt!

Wassup new: The height given behind the headband makes the face look longer and the hair look voluminous. It’s a great day look. Flaunt it!


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