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Short spiky hairstyle for women.


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Short and spiky hairstyle has been common with the advent of hair gels. Hair gels have made the generation turn around. While we sport emos having spiky hairstyles or front sweeps or back sweeps or pompadours, we all know that hair gels have made this easily possible. We see men adorning spikes like forever but we see women with spikes rarely although they look great with them. The spiky hairstyle women adore is little different. It is of course chic and feminine and designed to create attitude and rebellion. But nowadays most of the middle aged ladies have been seen sporting spikes. Smear on some gel onto short bob hairstyle and then using your fingers, make the plucking motion to set hair at place. Set them randomly. Bring the front bangs over your forehead for added feminity. The hairstyle practically uses very little time and you can even pursue this hairstyle on a bad hair day or when you have not washed your hair. Show off your strong side by sporting spikes and make everyone go gaga over it! Go on!

Wassup new: While you go for spikes, experiment with colors using your short hairstyle. Use blonde with black for more bold characters or use bold blue or neon pink. Enjoy experimenting and go spikey!!

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