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Hair gels.


Hair gel is a hairstyling product used in styling and producing various hairstyles commonly. Its main purpose is to make hair stiff so that they stay at their place and carry out the hairstyle very well. It helps in managing hair. Hairsprays also do the same thing but of course hair gels do better. Hair gels give a hold on hair that attributes to various hairstyles like, pompadours, fan shaped knots, funky hair, wet hair look etc. the main component of hair gels are cationic polymers which makes the hair to stretch and be styled into various shapes. Hair gels are common due to their ability to make hair stay in a shape it is formed whether it is and sky rocketing spike or a high poof. Hair gels are very popular in gothic cultures. Gels do contain certain chemicals that may cause premature greying with regular use. The good trick is to use it with water so that only a fraction of it is actually needed for the cause. Select those hair gels that are natural and do contain vitamin B5, vitamin E and Aloe Vera.ย  Hair gels come in various numbers. Higher the number means a higher hold they have or stronger they are. A lower number pertains to a weaker or a mild gel. Gels become viscous on drying and they counteract the bonding forces that tend to maintain the natural shape of the hair. That is why we are able to style our hair as per our needs. A variety of styles can be chosen from.

Wasup new: A gel inspired wet look looks very sexy indeed. It was popular in late nineties and early twenties. A clean suave hairstyle is what can be expected with gels. They make you look classy and elegant and with men, of course they can never do without gels. They look much dapper with gels on!

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