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Natural Botticelli curls.


Botticelli curls are defines as those curls that have more than one pattern in their hair type. Like they may be having looser curls at the bottom and tighter at their roots or looser curls at the lower layer and tighter at their topmost layer. They are actually a combination of two or more types of curls. They actually grow longer and with the weight of curls the upper layer starts to become wavy from curly. They can be easily straightened than most of the corkscrew types or fractal curls and tend to need a haircut sooner than most of the curly hair patterns. They may have a combination of ringlets and tight spirals at their ends or the topmost layer. These type of curls have a spring factor of five to eight inches and are heavier in weight than others. They are not much bouncy and have a rope like appearance. They are much common though they cannot be defined easily. Most of the girls do not know what kind of hair pattern they have.ย  And of course there are a few stylists who specialize in curly hair cutting. Curly hair should never be cut wet once for the reason that the curls tend to change their shape once they are dry. Botticelli curls are tighter in winters and they stretch and become wavy textured during summers. So it can be experimental to have newer hairstyles every season!

Wassup new: Since these curls are longer, you may try variety of styles like retro updos and come out of your way of original curly fashion every season!

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