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Natural Cherub curls.


Cherub curls are very fine and delicate curls that remain from birth till the end pretty much like the same. These type of curls are very soft and sway with the wind like cotton. They are also called baby curls as they resemble new curly hair on a baby’s head. They actually do not seem to grow at all owing to their very fine texture and usually end up in a bob like haircut. They have a spring factor of five to ten inches. They have a tendency to break much and do not form very thick and voluminous bunches on the top. They can be easily moulded to any hairstyle and can be straightened easily but they tend to break fast. This type of hair pattern is common in Scottish and Irish descendents.  They are so delicate and thin that even mild touching disrupts the composition of curls. They are lighter in color and may grow if well taken care of. The word cherub comes from the meaning ‘angel like’ and these curls do look like angelic hair painted by Michelangelo and seen in churches. Nevertheless the word cute is more appropriate for this pattern. The curls form halos that have a ringlet shape and can easily give away to other styles such  as a ponytail or half tie.  Care should be taken to cause less breakage by using curl protecting serums and oils to manage them more.

Wassup new: This type of pattern is common in boys too and stays over time. Style your hair using less heating products and your hair remains safe.

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