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Natural Fractal curls.


The zig zag crimping here would be created by wrapping fine sections of hair around a hair ping and then heating the section with a flat iron before unwrapping itZig-zag-curly-hair-styles-for-women-ideas

They may be called as zigzag or fractal curls too. These curls may be describes as tiny corkscrews, not much defined and naturally stepped. They form a zigzag pattern when seen closely and not a β€˜S’ shaped ringlet. The curls are frizzy and not easy to maintain. They require a lot of styling products like anti frizz curl creams, hair oils and of course leave in conditioners to manage them. Hair is usually dry that owes to its frizziness. They are very bouncy and sway easily with air losing their defined form to form a tangled zigzag pattern.Β  Their spring factor is nine to sixteen inches. Many of the girls regularly use hair oils to manage this type of hair pattern. The best time to apply oil is just after a hair wash when hair is still wet. Using your fingers to remove tangles while applying oil, this manages fractal curls naturally and they settle down. Practically every frizzy hairstyle can be applied here naturally. These can be straightened out using creams and straighteners but of course may break easily due to their dryness. And yes, they need a lot of product weight to satisfy them. Nevertheless they look like wire coils and give great updos.

Wassup new: Β You can use hair clips, crystals and headbands with these curls easily as they the spotlight focuses on accessories rather than the frizz though maintaining the curly outline of hair.

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