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Selena Gomez With Rope Braid


Selena Gomez has got a beautiful rope braid which will be twisted in one direction instead of weaving separate strands. This style may look intricate, but it is very simple to create and does not need any traditional braiding skills. Most of the women create rope braids at the end of a ponytail and few also create it starting from the crown of their head similar to a French braid. There are also many celebrities who wear this hairstyle as it gives a simple and great look.

To start the styling, first comb all of the hair to get rid of any tangles and then create a ponytail. Next divide the ponytail into three equal strands and hold one of the sections in the right hand and two sections in the left. Start winding the strand of your hair in the right hand till it reaches the length of your index finger. Then switch it so that the three strands of hair in your right hand are divided by your fingers. Make sure to hold the hair tightly to the wound strand and bring it over the other two on the left hand side. Switch your wound strand and nearest non-wound strand to your left hand. Finally wind strand on the right with the help of your right hand and continue moving the wound strand on from left and twisting it on the right. Now you can see that your braid will look like a rope.

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