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Hair mousse.


Hair mousse is a hairstyling product that adds to the shine and volume of hair. It is packed in an aerosol foam or spray or cream form. It is used over hair to reduce frizz, give shine and allow easy styling of hair without making it too heavy or stiff. It causes hair to stiffen a bit when dry but not as much as it is with hair gel. Mousse gives shine to hair. Nowadays colored mousse is preferred for giving that temporary hair color effect that lasts a single wash. It is often applied to wet hair and then blow dried and styled. Hair mousse may contain alcohol. Hair mousse is rich in natural conditioners and hair vitamins that nourish and protect the hair from harmful sun effects. They may contain SPF factors that puts away dangerous effects of UV rays. Mousse may come in different bottles for different hair textures like straight, wavy, curl promoting etc. Choose your own hair type mousse and go for it. Egg protein is a good source of home made mousse but of course it smells. Hair mousse is basically made of electrically charged polymers. The negative polymers give the volume and the positive ones give shine to the hair. its easy to comb with a mousse. By the way it is the favourite hairstyling products of stylists worldwide.

Wassup new: Hair mousse came up only in eighties and when first people used it in cans they thought it was defective!!


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