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Hair Pomade.


It is a waxy substance but not hair wax and is used to style hair. Its functions are similar to a hair gel but is not as popular as the latter. It gives shine and sleekness to the hair. Hair wax also does the same minus the shine. The difference between pomade and hair gel is that pomade does not dry up and stuffen the hair while hair gel does that. These products come in various consistencies and are separate for each type of hair. The main constituent is petroleum jelly or lard. Pomade is usually not easy to be removed from hair and requires several washes with a strong shampoo. They may contain fragrances and still popular. They give styling to men’s hair mainly making them look dapper without the hair being stiff. They come in paste, glue, whip consistencies and are relatively easier to use. A must accessory for some men.

Wassup new: The word pomade means ointment in french or apples in latin and was used because originally the product contained mashes apples!!

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