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Hair serums.


Hair serums are widely used hair styling products that help in detangling hair after a wash and in addition gives it a good shine and easy styling ability. The right time to apply a hair serum is after a hair wash and it usually remains until the next wash. A hair serum has the consistency of an oil type but it absolutely non sticky and lighter. It saves the hair from harmful effects of sun rays by forming a thin layer on the each strand of hair. It gives strength and moisture to the hair. Many types of hair serums are available in the market such as for curly hair, hair smoothing serums, anti frizz serums for settling down the frizz, colored hair serums etc.Β  It acts as a tonic for hair after heavy perming and coloring and counteracts the effects of heavy heat treatments and damage to the hair by various chemicals. Hair serums helps in reducing hairfall as hair become easily manageable after that. Just as oils, they are made of unsaturated chains. Since they use natural products, serums are relatively safer to use. More practically they are just lighter, non sticky, thin oils.

Wassup new: Nowadays, shiners are available whose sole purpose is to give shine only. They are ultralight serums that give hair extra glow and shine. Try on serums. Pick on your variety and see what difference they make to your hair.


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