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Hair spray.


Hair spray is the most common hairstyling product used by practically everyone to maintain hair at place and style according to the need. Hair spray keeps the hair stiff and keeps on the style that has been given. Though its holding capacity is not as good as hair gel, it is still used as it can be easily controlled through a nozzle. When greater hold is necessary, it is sprayed hard but when a mild hold is needed, it is sprayed a little.  It was first developed in forties by Chase product company Tanios Chakchay in Illinois. Originally hairsprays contained chloroflorocarbons which were banned due to global warming effects. They are now formed of copolymers and water based laquer. Some contain silicon oil that helps in forming a gel after application and resists humidity. Silicon oil gives the satin smooth feel to the hair. Hair sprays allow the final finishing stiffness given to the hair. Usually hair sprays are done before to give extra hold to some curls or before straightening. This actually harms the hair little due to the coating of hair by hairspray and helps in styling well. It can very well used to retain moisture too like for a wet look and for spraying cut flowers to last them longer! 

Wassup new: colored hair sprays are used to give temporary colors as well as hold for styling. It’s a must have styling product for everyone.

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