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Natural Corkicelli curls.


Corkicelli curls are a mixture of variety of curls. Unlike Botticelli where two types of hair curl patterns combine, corkicelli combines almost every kind of curl pattern throughout the mane. They may combine tight and looser curls and have a high frizz factor. They may even combine ringlets with zigzag curls along with frizzy upper layer and tangles around the neck.Β  They remain curly throughout all seasons and tend to break owing to its very high frizziness. They have a spring factor of five to ten inches and remain dry most of the time. They need to be styled well for any occasion for they may look unruly when they are naturally dry. Use some oil onto the wet hair and form ringlets with your fingers to manage them. You may use hair cream to manage the frizz and the dryness. Β Separate hair into smaller sections when still wet and then style each section in any way you want. Do not cut this type of hair when wet as they have different curl patters throughout the hair and you may tend to loose your original style. Great hair for that messy updo style and beach parties. Enjoy!

Wassup new: You might have to regularly use anti frizz creams to put away the frizz and hydrate your hair in order to cause less hair breakage.

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