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Defined curly updos.


Curly updos are very common especially on wedding occasions and prom nights. Defined curly updos have their own appeal. When a hairstyle is polished there is a certain elegance and grace associated it that is far from being rebellious and making a cut for yourself. It marks the womanish cut in the event. A defined curly updo is a lengthy task is one’s original hair type is straight but if your hair type is curly, it’s a bonus for you. To have a defined, curly updo, you need to shampoo and condition first to get rid of all dirt and to give shine and texture to hair. Use mousse on wet hair. Blow dry. Give a side partition to your hair with your bangs swept aside. Now divide the hair into small finger thin sections or double finger thick sections as you like your hairstyle to be.  Take a curling rod and make the sections curl out. Keep them tight or little hanging down. Make sure you use hairspray before curling them to give them more polish and clearance. When done, collect all the curls at the top of your head using your fingers, leaving one or two open hanging on your face as curly flicks. Twist the collected curls and attach a clutcher on top with the ends of the curls hanging from the top of the clutcher. Now you can make out a variety of styles with this hair make up. You can make each end fold and make a basket of curly folds pinning them with bobby pins. You can let the ends hang down. You can make out a full curly bun out of the ends. Similarly you can do that to your front bangs keeping them long or short, curly or straight with this hairstyle. Try on! You might be attending some wedding soon!

Wassup new: You can even use color sprays on your curly updo. Make sure it is well done and not messy though messy look is also in but it is an altogether different category. You can use crystals with curls. Don’t forget to a shot f hairspray after you are done, helps to maintain your hairstyle for long.

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